Welcome to LENKOWO!

LENKOWO playschool is a non-public educational facility for children aged 2,5 to 6 years old (we also run adaptive groups for children aged 20 months to 2,5 years old). It is a modern language- and artistic-oriented playschool, the only newly-constructed in Little Poland, in which classes are run by English-speaking Polish teachers and native speakers. Our main objective is to naturally introduce children into the world of English language, so that it becomes a part of their everyday life from the youngest years. In their youngest years children show most interest in the world, consequently they can assimilate the foreign language through a free play and without stress.

Extensive, professional and competently conducted programme of our playschool includes developing children's talents through education adapted to personal preferences of pupils - each of them in the own individual rhythm. We expect that every child leaving walls of LENKOWO shall be ready and equipped with skills, enthusiasm to meet challenges of school years.

Our adaptive classes allow to smoothly experience the pre-school world. A warm atmosphere helps Parents and their children in saying goodbye at the threshold of the playschool, and a friendly staff provide the lovingest kids with the best start in the new place.

LENKOWO is a modern playschool and such its offer is.

We should remember that the most important stage of child's development is preschool age. A child makes then a greatest development progress which condition his future possibilities. Therefore it is worth to use services of professional educational facilities to which our LENKOWO playschool belongs.

We invite all persons concerned.

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